All About Training Labrador Puppies

Your guide to labrador retriever puppy training!

If you think training labrador puppies is tough, think again! When you bring home a pup, training can start straight away and before you know it you will have a fully housebroken labrador puppy.

Puppies are constantly needing to ‘eliminate’ and will usually find a spot and continue using that spot. Getting them to use a designated area should start as early as possible. This way they stop eliminating in places that you don’t want them to.

The training process is great. It gives you a great chance to get to know your new friend and become the bestest of buddies!

Labrador retriever puppy training is usually an amazingly rewarding experience. Firstly, they have the most adorable expressions and personalities that you can’t get angry! And you shouldn’t.

Secondly, they learn very quickly and will react to your cries of joy and grunts of disappointment. Showing displeasure at the right moments is vital so that your puppy realises when he has done something wrong.

Training labrador puppies should involve a routine. Taking your pup out for regular walks and using words like ‘go’ or ‘wee’ will help. Puppies will eliminate often so taking them out after every meal and drink is a great idea.

Always use the same words to describe actions and objects. A puppy will eventually register and respond to certain commands and words.

If you’re intent in getting your labrador puppy to eliminate outside the house you must be patient. There will be some occasions where your pup just has to ‘go’. If or when this happens do not get angry and shout at your pup. Show him that you are upset and do not give any praise but do not make him get frightened.

On the other hand, if you do not mind the occasional ‘accident’ then you should think about preparing a pre-designated area in the house. From experience I can say that cleaning up on a tiled surface is probably the easiest. Placing newspapers in a corner or area of your choice is a good idea.

When you first bring your pup home find a good place for him to play

Training Labrador puppies also involves plenty of in-house work with respect to the area in which the pup ‘lives’. Labrador pups enjoy chewing on just about anything and everything. My labrador Tasha loved the staircase, my shoes, socks, hats, and even though my teachers never believed me, my homework too!

I guess I learnt a valuable lesson and soon she had her own space while I was out. As soon as I was home she was always with me so I didn’t have to worry about her getting bored and finding some socks. The problem was finding ways of keeping her entertained while I was out.

Check out dog toys for puppies. They are great for them to chew on.

Training labrador puppies is great fun. Okay, it can be a bit stressful at times but you get much more than a trained puppy out of the experience, you generate a bond between you and your labrador.

So, if your thinking about how to train labrador puppies have no fear and enjoy it.

Puppy Training and Dog Training Online:

If you are a visual learner, we have found a great puppy training resource in the form of some audio and video lessons put together by a professional Hollywood dog trainer! It doesn’t get better than this! We decided to buy it and we were not disappointed!

She is very successful in training dogs quickly, she needs to be good as dogs have got to be ready for their roles in films or TV commercials! You can’t have an untrained dog messing up a set!

The best thing is that you’ll hear her voice, see the correct training postures and voice commands needed to effectively train your lab. There is no need to print out a long e-book and sit down to read pages and pages!

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