Leash Training Labrador Retrievers

When you want to go for walks you should use a leash. Leash Training Labrador Retrievers is unsurprisingly simple.

Seeing as they are such intelligent dogs the training process is usually over as quick as it starts.

Labradors adapt very quickly in training procedures but a puppy will not like the restriction that a collar and leash provide.

Puppies do enjoy having a lot of fun. This is how you will make leash training simple. By making the training fun you will be able to run through the training process.

The aim is the associate the leash with your daily excursions with your puppy. Once my labrador realised what the leash meant she began getting really excited at the sight of it. Now, 10 years on she jumps up and down in excitement no matter how many times a day I get it out.

The first thing in leash training labrador retrievers is to put a collar around your pups neck. Do not put it too tight because your pup needs to breathe! However, do not have it too loose, leave space for two fingers so that it doesn’t upset your lab.

Being large, strong dogs, labradors should have heavier, stronger collars than smaller dogs.

Let your puppy roam the house with his new collar so that he gets used to this new sensation. You may find that at first your puppy will try anything and everything to get rid of the collar. You must make sure that it is not too tight because you don’t want it to hurt him.

Once your puppy has grown accustomed to the collar you can introduce the leash Although your labrador may find the introduction of a leash frustrating and annoying you should let him get used to it by leaving it on for a short while. Keep an eye on where he goes with it because it can get tangled, but let him get used to the extra weight.

Remember Labradors are powerful and need a strong leash.

Once your labrador has got used to the extra weight and does not seem to find it frustrating, try and take control of the leash. If you find that your labrador begins pulling and trying to take you for a walk don’t be surprised. Nearly all dogs will do this to start.

The other possibility the opposite reaction which would be your labrador removing to move. Some dogs will not agree to a leash at the start. But there are ways to solve this problem.

Using the ‘come’ command is a great way to get your lab moving!

Use the ‘come’ command and if it works remember that you should praise your labrador. This will make him really happy and will start him on the route to understanding the meaning behind the leash. Continue to use the ‘come’ command until you no longer have a sitting lab.

Leash Training Labrador Retrievers is simple when you praise your lab for doing things right

As you will probably find that your labrador pulls alot with the leash you will be best off walking in quiet areas to start off with. Practice as much as you can and if you find your lab pulling relentlessly you can use the ‘stay’ command.

You can use other dog commands while you are walking your labrador

Leash Training Labrador Retrievers is great fun and another way to bond with your labrador. Although he may not be too interested or impressed to start off with you will soon win him over by making the training fun. Once training is over whenever you bring out the leash your lab will know that its time to go out!

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Author: All About Labradors

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