The Lab Collie – getting the best of two great dogs

The Lab Collie is a very popular Labrador Retriever and Border Collie mix. Both the labrador retriever and the border collie are very popular family dogs, they have great temperaments and are very intelligent.

They are wonderfully loveable and very loyal to their owners.

The lab collie mix retains a superb level of retrieving qualities and herding qualities.

Being such intelligent dogs and so easy to train many experts believe this beautiful mix to be among the very best working breeds in the world. It is highly athletic and has great endurance along with a burning desire to work hard and please their owner.

This labrador retriever mix is not as intense or energetic as a border collie but will still need plenty of exercise. However, if you are a busy person and have found that you dont have enough time to spend with your border collie you may find that this mix is more for you. They do not need as much attention and exercise but the more you can give, the better.

When buying one of these amazing dogs you must make sure that you are getting the real deal. Puppies are very similar to border collie pups in some cases. You should be mostly looking at the colour of the pup.

Puppies are mostly black and white, with more black than white. Coats are much shorter than usual collie coasts

These dogs are found in many places and dont be surprised if you find a few in your local animal shelters and rescue centers. Owning one of these dogs is highly enjoyable. You be rewarded for your choice with amazing loyalty and a dog that is eager to please and have fun.

You can look forward to having a great time!

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