ID Tags for your Labrador

ID Tags – Helping to keep your labrador safe!

If you are looking for an easy, safe and effective way of making sure your labrador can be identified then look no further.

Labradors are wonderful dogs and keeping yours as safe as possible should be important to you. There are a few different methods of keeping your labrador identifiable but I am sure that you will agree that this option is the best.

Tattoos and microchips are two other possibilities but considering the procedures it does not take long for any dog owner to decide against them. Microchips would be inserted under the skin and a tattoo would be done just like a human tattoo only it would be very simple and small.

In my opinion it is a much better idea to have an ID Tag. Did you parents put a microchip in you when you were small? Or did they give you a tattoo? I certainly would not want to put my dog through any stress or unnecessary pain.

Labradors are quite adventurous dogs and will follow a scent if they are not told to ‘come’. My labrador went for a long walk on her own when she was little and ended up at the dog pound for the night. They called us up and let us know she was safe! She has not done it since!

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that they can wander and eventually end up somewhere a bit unfamiliar or they can be picked up by someone who thinks that they are lost. Having a Tag means that they are immediately identifiable and whoever finds your labrador can get in touch straight away.

Being big and strong labradors are better off with a very strong collar. The collar should not be lightweight but at the same time do not get the heaviest available. Also, I do not recommend collars with spikes or anything else that might cause pain or cuts. Just a normal collar will do.

ID Tags usually contain very specific and important information. This information is the dogs name, a contact number, any serious medical conditions he may have and your address. Although I am not certain, so you should check with your veterinarian, your dog may also need to have proof of vaccinations.

Keeping your labrador safe is of the utmost importance, Im sure you will agree. I definitely recommend you buy an ID Tag rather than opt for the tattoo or microchip alternatives.

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Author: All About Labradors

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