The truth about the Fox Red Labrador Retriever

For starters, fox red labrador retrievers do exist. Labrador genetics allow for three primary colours, black, brown and yellow. These are the most common labrador coat colours.

Of course, there are those who are darker or lighter than others but in essence these are the only three recognised colours.

In competition the American Kennel Club will register a fox red Labrador as being ‘yellow’.

Although fox reds are not registered as being different to yellow you can find breeders that specialise in this particular colour. The fox red colour is basically the darkest form of yellow that a labrador retriever can be. Which does not really make them rare, but certainly a bit different.

According to Labrador genetics it is practically impossible to produce a truly red labrador. The term fox red labrador is merely a way of describing a dark tan yellow lab.

If you are looking for a labrador retriever that has a different colour coat to the usual black, brown and yellow then you should not get too hopeful. The chances of there being an endless supply of fox red, silver and even charcoal labs is highly unlikely.

However, do not get sucked in by breeders offering fox red labardor retrievers at extortionate prices. A reasonable price should be paid for all types of labradors across the board.

Author: All About Labradors

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