Black Labrador Retrievers, yellow labs and brown labs – the labrador colours!

You can find Yellow, Brown and Black Labrador Retrievers all over the world. Although black labs were the first to be recognised today yellow labs appear to outnumber them. Owning a labrador of any colour is a joy but some kennels disqualify other off-colour labs.

‘Fox-red’, ‘white’ and ‘silver’ labradors are not allowed to be show dogs. However their difference in colour does not make them any different in personality.

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The yellow labrador retriever has become the most popular among its relatives. Although when they were first produced yellow labs were culled they continue to appear in litters and eventually they became accepted.

Most people will confuse the yellow labrador with Golden Retrievers. This is a very common occurrence although you only have to notice the difference in the length of the coats to know which is which.

Some people believe that yellow labs are the laziest, but this isn’t true!

The Black Labrador Retriever was the original lab. The colour came about through the interbreeding of the St John’s Water Dog and the Newfoundland.

Black and Brown labs both has noses with the same colour as the coat. Both brown and black labradors with different coloured noses will get disqualified at dog shows. The most common other nose colour being pink.

It is said that Black Labradors are the best hunters!

The Brown labrador retriever was not always accepted but the American Kennel Club did eventually decide to recognise them.

Brown or chocolate labs are the rarest of the three nowadays. They too were culled during the early years. They are slowly gaining in popularity and perhaps in a few years time will catch up with the others.

Many black lab enthusiasts claim that brown labs are not as bright or as ‘good looking’ as the blacks and this is why there are so few in the ring. Although they are increasing here aswell it will take time for them to make their mark.

Brown labs are believed to be hardheaded and stubborn, but this is certainly not true!

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